Sherwood FC 1 – 6 Wollaton

At long last the enforced break in the season due to arctic conditions was over and Sherwood were able to resume play. It was clear that the team wasn’t fully match fit but they put on a very respectable show against top of the league Wollaton.

Pitch conditions were pretty grim with the higher goal mouth awash with mud and everyone struggling to stay on their feet. Wollaton were bolder than Sherwood and put themselves three goals ahead by half-time. They clearly eat their fruit and veg – some of their lads seemed about two foot taller than Jack and Charlie.

The second half saw a raft of substitutions with Lex, Brandon, Ryan and Nico coming on for Patrick, Jordan, Connor and Tom (who managed to kick the ball straight into the Ref at one point). Luke was briefly on the subs bench but fortunately Neil brought him back on in time for a lovely goal from a Kel set-up that marked Luke’s first success from a number of near misses during the season.


Despite a few attempts, no-one else was able to replicate Luke’s magic and the match ended 6-1 to Wollaton. But Neil was quite content with this first competitive game for so many weeks. In fact he was spoilt for choice for man of the match with Charlie (superb tackling as usual), Michael (ace defending, including one fantastic sliding save) and Lex all in the frame. Lex was the final choice for an excellent second half that saw him in command of his position and oblivious to the state of his kit!







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