Sherwood 2 – 14 Wollaton Hall


In his post match analysis, Manager Neil commented that today’s match had been in effect a game of 21 versus 1! Sherwood clearly hadn’t had their breakfast – or was it that ‘home ground jinx’ that Mac remembered from last season. Leon was unavailable due to illness and Nico was away – without them Sherwood staggered along with only occasional flashes of the effective team work that held them to the 3-all draw against Attenborough. The lack of team work was the key as individual players did well. But Wollaton had the pace and passing ability to keep banging the goals passed the Sherwood defence. Kel and Finn put us on the score board and there were several near misses from Alfie and Kieran.


Not to worry – the season is young yet. And we could always sack the Manager........ (not really). 


Match Statistics:


Gate:  30

Goals: 16

Points: 0


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