Sherwood Red 4 – 4 Woodthorpe

Absolutely grim weather up at Southglade this afternoon – and almost dark by the end of the match. In the first half the MaDs shivered on the touchline – most of us longing to be anywhere but where we were. But fortunately the match got better and better as it went on and by the end, warm adrenalin was coursing through our veins.

It started on a high with a trademark Kel goal but Woodthorpe almost immediately equalised and then pushed ahead into a 3-1 lead. Sherwood seemed to think that was it for a while until Kel sent home his second. Woodthorpe kept at it and by the half-time whistle the score was 4-2 to them.

Sherwood are often good at coming from the back and Tyler seemed determined that this would be one of those days.  Demonstrating both fine play and great leadership, he grafted his way through the second half, keeping the team motivated and well-positioned. He led by example by getting the third Sherwood goal and then it was Bradley who equalised. The last twenty minutes then saw the teams equal and both sides increasingly desperate for the points.

All the defenders played well today. Callum used his size to our advantage with some powerful clearances. Michael used his speed and made innumerable bold tackles. Josh earned the Man of the Match award with a fantastic slide tackle just when Woodthorpe looked about to steal a winner (sorry parents – might need a double wash). Up front Ben had several attempts on goal, two of which came tantalising close to success.

But we were satisfied with the draw. It was an exciting match, particularly the second half. Well played everyone.

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